Helium Technology and the Cougar High Country RV

What is Helium Technology?

Helium Technology is a way of thinking….a way of thinking lighter weight.  Every aspect of construction and floor plan choices are carefully thought out to give the customers just as much or more RV with less weight without compromising, but enhancing, structural integrity, quality and price point. 

High Country’s Helium Technology utilizes advanced materials and manufacturing technology to significantly reduce weight while maintaining all the features, comforts and ruggedness you expect in a Cougar. With Helium technology you save up to 2000 pounds compared to comparably equipped fifth wheels, saving you wear and tear on your tow vehicle, improving fuel economy and maximizing your trucks towability.

Some notable features that are examples of weight saving technology:

  1. Use of 2” aluminum framed laminated floor with Italian Poplar floor decking vs. 5/8” DynaSpan seamless floor decking in regular Cougars fifth wheels
  2. Use of Norco Accu-Slide light weight slide system vs. motor/ gear driven   Link to Norco Accu-Slide 
  3. 5” rise stamped steel roof rafters, 16” OC vs. 5” fabricated rafters, 16” OC
  4. Furniture is specially designed for optimum weight savings.  For example, dinette chairs are durable aluminum framed and the master bed box spring is webbed
  5. The cabinet styles are light-weight, Italian Poplar core that is pre-drilled and screwed
  6. The side walls are 2” aluminum framed with foam block insulation but used a light-weight Italian Poplar wood for the interior and exterior substrate vs. Luan which is used in the Cougar models and the fiberglass exterior is Filon Select High gloss gray fiberglass. 

From research, it appears that most of the weight savings is from using the BAL cable slides but also using more and lighter composite materials resulting in a typical unit weight reduction of 900-1400lbs.

If you are intersted in seeing or purchasing a Cougar High Country travel trailer or fifth wheel camper, please contact Aline Parsley at 513-923-3600 x106 or email to aparsley@colerainrv.com .  Mention or bring a copy of this article and receive a FREE starter kit with the purchase of your new or used camper or RV.

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