Important Tips to Maintain Your Motor Home

Owners of recreational vehicles like motor homes find great entertainment and joy in owning such units. If you are a happy owner of a motor home, then it is essential to make sure that the fun goes on by maintaining your RV well enough for it to continuously operate smoothly.

You must take several necessary steps to make sure that your source of traveling convenience and entertainment is well maintained.

Instead of constant maintenance however, what your RV really needs is an abundance of attention. On a long-term basis, caring for your motor home must be equivalent to the combined attention and care you devote to both your permanent house and standard vehicle. Simple maintenance however only requires you to follow certain routines right after each of your motor home travel adventure just to make sure that it will look nice, feel comfortable and run smoothly on your future pleasure trips.

It would certainly be a nightmarish experience to be marooned on an unfamiliar area because your RV’s engine overheated or that its battery died. Making sure that your motor home’s drive train and engine are constantly taken care of will make sure that this kind of experience never touches you in reality.

Find time to change its oil on a regular basis. Refill all the necessary fluids to keep it in top performance level. Monitor its battery to keep it from corroding and routinely check out the pressure on its tires. Recreational vehicles are mainly used for long road trips, such that they usually run for a lot more miles compared an average car that’s being used on a daily basis. Thus, do not forget that you have to perform routine maintenance procedures on your motor home, like changing its oil, etc. more often than you do with other vehicles.

As for the “home” aspect of your RV, the most common thing you have to look out for is the moisture buildup in its interior. Mildew and staining issues could occur because of the frequent use of the shower and kitchen stove. You can always avoid such matters by making sure that the RV’s roof vent is always open, as well as the bathroom fan, whenever someone must use the shower.

Closing all the vents, windows and doors of the RV while someone is using the shower can be a great help. This will ensure that the moisture will float out to the vehicle’s roof vent. During cold weathers and you happen to be travelling still, avoid using the stove to boil water or cook. Instead, using the microwave is much more preferable during such conditions.

Do you usually encounter clogged drains in your permanent home’s kitchen? If you do, keep in mind that you will have the same battle in your RV’s kitchen area. The drains need to be cleaned out regularly as you would do to the drains on your permanent home. Detach the bathroom sink and clean it manually on a regular basis like once a month or once every other month. Putting your garden hose to high-pressure mode would be the ideal thing to blast your RV’s shower drain clean.

Before you store your motor home in preparation for the winter months, remember to drain out all of the water lines. Failing to do this before storage, the temperature inside of it may drop and the remaining water in it may become frozen, start expanding until the water lines or pumps of the RV bursts out. You may face quite an expensive maintenance bill if this happens.

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