Some Quick Tips for Buying Camper Trailers

If you are thinking of buying a camper trailer or fifth wheel, you’re not alone. Hundreds of thousands of Americans buy new RVs every year.

Because many of these new RV buyers don’t do their homework, they have very bad experiences. Many of these new camper owners buy camper trailers that don’t really meet their needs or they lose thousands of dollars by being taken advantage of by a dishonest salesman or dealer. Another problem that many new and experienced buyers face is overpaying on financing, warranties or insurance.

Those buyers that do their due diligence on buying camper trailers can have a great experience.  They choose the camper or fifth wheel that is right for them and don’t let an unscrupulous sales person talk them into a camper they really don’t want.  A smart buyer will negotiate a lower price with the dealer and save hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars on the camper they want.

This report is written to give you ideas to think about when it comes to purchasing a camper.  It is written to help you have a pleasant camper buying experience and get the camper of your dreams.

Choosing Camper Trailers or Fifth Wheel Campers

The camper that best suits you will vary from person to person.  You should consider your budget, your tow vehicle, the number of people that will stay on a regular basis and how often you will use the camper.  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Choosing the Right Camper Dealers

Most people get excited about finding their “dream” camper and don’t consider the camper dealers where they are buying their camper.

It is very important to choose a good dealership.  There are many good and honest dealers who are passionate about what they do and will give you a great buying experience as well as great “after-purchase” service.  Look for dealership that is established and been in business for a long time.  Get recommendations from your friends or other people that own campers.

Choosing the Right Brand

There are dozens of RV manufacturers so you will want to make sure that you are buying from a reputable and well established company.  There are several companies that have been in business for many years and have a secure business that can stand behind their product and backup their warranties.

However, there are many smaller businesses that have not been established for very long and don’t have a long track record showing their camper quality or their ability to stand behind their product.  That doesn’t mean that they are bad companies, just be sure that you are getting a well built camper.

It’s really best to stick to the major brands who generally have a broad network of dealers to support you.

How to Get a Great Deal

Don’t be afraid to ask for their best deal.  Most dealers have the campers marked up enough that they can afford to come down a little bit.  They know everyone wants to get a deal.

If they won’t come down on the price of the camper, see if they can throw in a free battery, or a propane fill-up.  If you need hitching, maybe they can discount the cost.

Some dealers really do show their lowest price and don’t have room to come down but it never hurts to ask.

Financing Recommendations

There is nothing wrong with financing your travel trailer or fifth wheel.  Actually, it might be a smart move to finance your camper.  You are probably asking “Why would it be smart to have another bill?”.  Campers that are considered self-contained can be considered a second home.  That means that you can write off the interest paid on your taxes.  Now, most RV finance companies don’t automatically send out interest statements at the end of each year so you will probably have to call and request a statement.  So basically, in the end, you are borrowing money and it’s not costing you any finance charges. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Buying Used Camper Trailers from a Private Sellers

You can get great deals on used camper trailers when buying from individuals.  They usually are in a hurry to sell if due to financial problems, moving or wanting to sell it to buy a new camper.  This can leave you in a great position to negotiate pricing but do you know enough about campers to make a good decision?    CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Whether you have bought campers in the past or you are buying a camper for the first time, it should be a fun and exciting.  Knowing your budget, what you are looking for and finding the right place to buy your camper will help to ensure a fun and memorable experience.

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