Used RV Campers Means Great Buys

Despite the fact that some RV campers are no longer brand new, doesn’t mean that it won’t work for a family to use. There are actually a lot of great deals on used campers but it is important to educate yourself on what to look for before a purchase. Knowing the difference between normal wear & tear and signs of abuse can be very beneficial. This will help to make sure that you get your money’s worth and to make you more confident when buying used RV campers.

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After a few repairs and some minor adjustments along with some cleaning, many used campers can be like new again. It will not even be obvious that it was just passed on to you for pennies on the dollar. When you are ready to get a camper, you can find lots of real bargains out there if you just take your time and look. You could even have some friends or family keep an ear open for someone that has a deal waiting to happen.
An example of a great buy would be, a person buys a 1987 Wildcat for… let’s say $500 dollars. A new step is needed, a new set of tires and a lot of soap and water along with some scrubbing. After you have done the repairs, you just made this little trailer a winner that a family can use for years. You may also want to upgrade the awnings and cabinets to give it a more modern look. Most of the manufacturers and RV camper dealers stock inexpensive parts for campers. Companies like Couches Campers in Middletown, Ohio carry parts and repair kits for many of the modern campers as well as some of the older models. If they don’t have the part you need in stock, they may be able to order it for you. Now that you have repaired and upgraded this used camper, you will probably be able to sell it for more than what you have invested in it when ready to upgrade to a newer camper. That to me is a great buy.

When looking for used RV campers, look at some local news papers or online classified ads in your area. Many newspapers include camper advertisements in with the Boats, RVs and Motorcycles classified section. They may also be found in the general classifieds or even automotive sections. There is always a list of used RV campers on as well as the many online classified forums. You can even look on You may directly call or visit RV dealers such as Couches Campers in Middletown, Ohio because they get used campers in trade when someone buys a new travel trailer or fifth wheel. Wherever you look, it is necessary to be a smart shopper and know how to spot real value so you can get a good deal.
Make sure your tow vehicle is rated to pull the camper you want to buy. Most owner manuals will list the tow rating for your vehicle or you can find it online at You will need to find the trailer’s weight. If you are buying it from a dealer, they should be able to tell you. If you buy it from a private seller, many times they will have a weight slip or have the weight noted on their current registration.
Before you finally decide to name a price for those used RV campers, ask a lot of questions and kick the tires, that way, when you do buy your camper, you will be ready to hit the road to your campsite.

Buying Used Camper Trailers from a Private Sellers

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