Used TrailManor Trailers for Sale

TrailManor trailers have a unique design in both fold-down and upright models.  The fold-down models give you the easy towing of a tent camper, plus features you’d expect to find only in travel trailers costing more. Both the travel trailers and the fold-down campers are light weight which makes TrailManor campers one of the easiest and safest travel trailers to tow, plus you get better gas mileage than you would normally get with a traditional camper.

TrailManor trailer’s walls and roof are built using a special laminated construction of polystyrene insulation with aluminum on both sides. The lightweight walls are better insulated than conventional travel trailers.

The 3″ floors feature a special laminated construction.  It is stronger, more durable, lighter, and better insulated than other trailer floors which are normally made from particle board or plywood. This type of construction keeps the weight of the whole trailer low for easy towing but gives you a strong floor that you can count on.

Even the countertops are built to save weight but not compromise strength. TrailManor’s lightweight, laminated countertops are half the weight of particle board found on typical trailer countertops.  Particle board is heavy and can swell with moisture. TrailManor campers don’t use particle board or chipboard anywhere in the trailer. All of these features costs a little more to build a trailer, but it makes for a higher quality camper and cuts hundreds of pounds from the overall weight, making towing easier and longer lasting.

Remember to call Aline Parsley at 513-218-3857 about our inventory of used TrailManor Campers and Trailers.


2010 Trailmanor Elkmont 24BH

2006 Trailmanor 2720SL

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